Ongoing Projects

GRAIN: Digital webspace focusing on the oral histories of queer Asian elders in North America. Future work will include engagement with queer Asian youths and other media forms. (Website in progress).

Exploring extremism online: Seeking to understand the narratives of extremism online. Questions of interest to the project include: How are they shared and perceived? How does content moderation aid/facilitate and/or dissuade such narratives? What might be some of the ways folx might begin to believe/disbelieve what they read? 

Homosocialism, queerness, & k-pop: What is the space that exist between homosocialism and queerness? How do we understand the possibilities of queerness within frames of homosocialism and queer-baiting, fanships, fanservices? Using k-pop as a medium to understand gender and sexuality attempts at decentering western academic frameworks as well as to prioritize a transnational/regional understanding.