current: Adjunct Lecturer, City College of New York


Year Title Published in
2021 'Welcome to Gab': Exploring political discourses in a non-moderated social media platform (article) IDEAH
2020 Flowing between the personal and collective: Being human beyond categories of study (article) * societies
2019 Book review: Discriminating sex (book review) * Ethnic Studies Review

* first author

Teaching (Undergraduate)

Term(s) Course Institution
SP 2024 Foundations of Data Science City College of New York
FA 2023 Theories of Personality Medgar Evers College
SP 2022 | FA 2021 | SP 2021 | FA 2020 History and Systems of Psychology College of Staten Island
SP 2020 Social Psychology College of Staten Island

Teaching (Graduate)

Term(s) Course Institution
SUM 2023 | SUM 2022 Principles of Social Work Research Smith School for Social Work

Digital Humanities Workshops

Term(s) Course Location
SP 2023 Principles of Web Design Digital Project Institute
SP 2023 Introduction of HTML and CSS Digital Project Institute
SP 2023 Git, GitHub, and GitHub Pages Digital Project Institute
SP 2023 | SP 2021 | FA 2021 | SP 2020 Basic Audio Editing (Audacity) GCDI;
Sociology @ Hunter College
FA 2022 The Tools of DH GCDI
SP 2022 Beginner's Guide to Web Scraping GCDI
SP 2022 | SP 2021 | SP 2020 Intro to R & R Studio Digital Research Institute;
SP 2022 | SP 2021 | SP 2020 Data Literacies Digital Research Institute;
Digital Humanities Research Institute
FA 2021 Intro to Python GCDI
FA 2020 Getting Good (Enough) Audio Recording GCDI
FA 2020 Data Privacy and Ethics of Remote Learning GC Online Week


Date(s) Title Venue
2023, Oct 26-29 Decolonizing Social Work Pedagogy: Lessons Learned from Centering Critical BIPOC Scholarship and Epistemologies (panel discussion) Council on Social Work Education
2023, Aug 16-17 What the pandemic taught us: Reflecting on teaching digital skills, meandering forms and lessons learned (paper) Digital Pedagogy Institute
2023, Jun 29-30 'Love Yourself, Speak Yourself': Engaging discourses of identities with fans of BTS and Boys Love (BL) (paper) Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP)
2023, May 03 Querying queer web archives (paper) IIPC 2023 Web Archiving Conference
2022, Jun 24-26 Sustaining ourselves through COVID, through our cohort group, through the relationships formed with students who share values (interactive discussion) Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
2022, Mar 03-06 Women in alt-right communities: What do we do? (interactive discussion) Association for Women in Psychology
2022, Mar 03-06 High-value men and alt-right women (paper) Association for Women in Psychology
2021, Aug 10-11 Podcast production in classrooms: Digital knowledge production during COVID- 19 pandemic (paper) Digital Pedagogy Institute Conference
2020, Jul 14- 16 A Glimpse into the Right: Understanding alt-right womanhood (paper) International Society for Political Psychology
2020, Jun 04 'Welcome to Gab': Exploring Alt-Right discourses via Structural Topic Models (paper) DHSI Conference & Colloquium
2020, Jan 04-05 Queerness through homosociality and queer-baiting: The coexistence of Blood, Sweat, & Tears and Stigma (paper) BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference Project
2019, May 04 Learning as entangled, collective, political, and ontological praxis (interactive discussion) Change and Transformation Conference