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Working together with Filipa Calado and Corey Clawson, we have been exploring collections of web archives relating to queer communities, organizations, and web spaces, specifically through querying both the material and methodology of web archival work—how queer identities and communities interact with, are informed by, and form web spaces, as well as critical methodologies for studying digital archives, including concerns relating to the ethics of web archiving as notions of web spaces transformed over time. We are interested in exploring concepts like utopia, radicalism, normativity, religion, and conversion, and how they affect queer identity and discourse formation over time.

This project was part of the archives unleashed project cohort for AY 2022-2023.

Conference presentation at IIPC WAC 2023


spaCy - python
STM - r

External resources

The Oakland Archive Policy
Feminist Data Manifest-no
Association of Internet Researcher (AoIR) Ethics

tags: web archives • ethics • data
Querying Queer Web Archives ongoing
“Love Yourself, Speak Yourself”: Fans identity-making ongoing
Digital Research Institute (DRI) @ GC completed
Digital Dissertations Working Group 22-23 completed
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