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Digital Dissertations Working Group 22-23

Together with digital fellows Nicole and Zach, we restarted the digital dissertations working group in respond to the interests in alternative and digital dissertations at The Graduate Center. Through this working group, we hosted an online roundtable event – Dissertation Futures, which was held on March 27th. Panelists at this event included recent graduates and established faculty who choose/are involved/have mentored digital and alternative dissertations.

In addition to the roundtable event, we also compiled a Guide to Digital Dissertations to help students and faculty who are getting started, share resources, and feature past projects. We also created a DigitalDiss Podcast series that includes interviews with established faculty, liberians, and students to discuss the process of starting and completing a digital dissertation. Some of the topics discussed also include tips on getting support and expectations for depositing the dissertation.

Digital dissertations can become…

options for generating critical and creative interdisciplinary alternatives to the conventional monograph. Digital dissertations projects are broadly defined and can range from using digital methods in a traditional monograph, adding a project site, developing a database, assembling an archive, composing a non-linear digital text, plotting a digital map, recording sound or video for podcasts or analysis, creating digital artwork, building a video game and more. These projects are typically more applied, practice-led, and encourages critical making, which invites alternative forms of knowledge production and possibilities.

Dissertation Futures Guide to Digital Dissertations DigitalDiss Podcast

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